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He’s a dream in every song, book, or poem I know,
a hidden whisper between the lines.
As much as I hate him,
I love him two times.

He’s the thread hugging
the pieces of my broken heart.
Shattered as I am,
I'm drunk on his sound.

He’s not mine
but my world;
the thought of him comforts me and terrifies me

at the same time.

He’s on all my walls and all my playlists,
and if I admit how much he means to me,
it would frighten me
as much as him.

Oxygen is poison.
with every fragile breath
his voice keeps me alive
just a little longer.

Behind every hidden tear and forced smile
is the thought of him.

Life is a stage and when he puts down the microphone
for the last time

it will be just as empty.
An Empty Stage
Practicing using metaphors but too deep for a light story, so I made a free-verse poem.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!

[I'M BACK!!!] :iconhandsomeonionplz:


...seriously though. My New Year's Resolution is going to be to do more art. I've sorted through and organized all my art supplies and I got a blister from sharpening so many colored pencils and pencils. :iconsigh-plz:

Then when I start coloring a koala I drew, my sister spills my unused paint water all over it!!! :iconcrycryplz:

I guess I'll be more cheerful... It's the day after Christmas afterall...

for Christmas I got:

A new jacket (It's REALLY soft and furry XD) 

a new purse and wallet from my Mommy (Coach, ^o^ woot!!):iconranranruuplz:

New paint!! (from my little brother... awww ;))

hand warmers (LOL, my aunt noticed how cold my fingers always were) :iconwarmandcomfyplz:

A new mirror (Now there's three in the room!!)

and a few that I haven't received yet (My cousins ordered it and haven't received it yet)


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Favourite genre of music: K-pop (INSPIRIT!!!)
Favourite K-Idol: NamPabo Woohyun XP (though I kinda hate him) <33
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch >.<
Favourite anime character: Gaara & Natsu
Personal Quote: "My Memory Doesn't Go Back That Far"
Naruto FanFiction:… (Haven't been writing though...)

xD Bleh... need to update this. I'll work on it some time when I'm free... So maybe... a few weeks...? Haha, yeah.

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